One of the highlights of the webinar was the presentation of General Labor Standards by Attorney Juan Miguel E. De Leon, Attorney IV of RTWPB. Also present as resource speaker, on behalf of RCMB III, was Conciliator Mediator Othello B. Tongio Jr. He presented the programs, and services of NCMB, a fitting complement to RTWPB’s earlier presentation.

Long term productivity and survival are byproducts of industrial peace. Mr. Tongio’s presentation started with NCMB’s legal basis followed by Alternative Dispute Resolution, Labor Management Cooperation, Grievance Machinery Institutionalization, Conciliation and Mediation and Voluntary Arbitration. All in all, it was a very fruitful morning. One of the companies present, reached out and scheduled an LMC Facilitation Webinar with RCMB III.  

END/ Gino Raymond M. Miranda